The Story:


Glu Mobile’s Cooking Dash is a new, fast paced, time management cooking game where its main character, Flo cooks her way to TV fame as a celebrity chef. Having run the campaign for 6 months, performance was starting to erode, with cost of installs gradually creeping up.




Glu Mobile was looking to revitalize campaign performance and reduce acquisition costs.




Glu Mobile knew that to leverage oCPM to the fullest, new high quality creatives were needed, especially on a highly visual platform like Instagram.




Strong Talent Pool

ReFUEL4 designers were activated for the brief, with clear creative direction depicting in-game food dishes to blend in a real life environment. Designers were activated from within ReFUEL4’s 10,000 strong talent base. ReFUEL4’s unique strength is focusing the design intuition and perspectives from this rich global talent pool.


Data Driven Design

Once ads were submitted, our proprietary neural network, the SHAKA Engine, analyzed and ranked each ad, correlating previous campaign performance, vertical specific data, targeting information and compositional analysis of the ad design. This ranking adds an analytical layer over subjective choice – ads are chosen because they are most likely to perform well.


Powering A/B Testing Via Rich Creative Iteration

ReFUEL4’s deep talent pool produced over 40 ads in under 48 hours. By leveraging design intuition, performance data and insights, the ads took directions that were richly creative, and enabled Glu to take full advantage of Facebook’s oCPM function.


Greater Creative Depth

As the campaign unfolded, designers were informed by performance data, giving them insights to further creatively iterate on designs that were proving to work.


Instagram-centric Creative Direction

Understanding the nuances of the Instagram platform was critical – the SHAKA engine pointed the creative direction towards blending real life photos with game graphics as being potentially more high performing.




Through ReFUEL4, Glu Mobile widened the audience reach and drove new mobile game installs via Instagram Ad Solutions for its Cooking Dash mobile game.


– 40 new Instagram-centric ads were created within 48 hours


– Increased app installs by 25% over the previous campaign period


– Halved the cost of install to $4


– Improved iOS game ranking from 147 to 53


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