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Video ad production freed from traditional production cycle - tapping on data and global talent network to deliver greater value and efficacy


Singapore - 2 June 2016 - ReFUEL4, the leading data-driven creative platform, today announced ReFUEL-for-Video, a revolutionary new service to enable advertisers to get more out of made-for-tv or user-generated content.


“We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the beta phase for REFUEL for Video! After six months, we have proven to a select group of multinational clients and advertisers that our global talent pool is able to sustainably and efficiently repurpose both made-for-TV ads as well as user-generated content for our global client base,” said Kazuhiro Takiguchi, CEO and Founder, ReFUEL4.

 Advertisers can now leverage ReFUEL-for-Video when requiring high impact Facebook in-feed videos that deliver campaign results.


“Traditional made-for-TV storytelling and creative production cycle ties the hands of advertisers in the digital age. Using legacy partners may be too slow for advertisers requiring tweaks to creative mid-campaign,” said Nick Gibbons, Head of Customer Success, ReFUEL4.


“What advertisers ask of ReFUEL4 is access to creators with the ability to take a traditional TV format video and to create multiple versions quickly in a matter of hours. What is key for them is to test different scenes, narratives and calls-to-action. Once the data proves a successful version, they require more iterations to continue to sustain performance,” Nick continued.


ReFUEL4 taps into a global creative production industry worth approximately $20 billion by combining human design with machine learning. Its artificial intelligence engine, SHAKA, analyses ad composition and maximizes its targeting and performance. Data is fed back to ReFUEL4’s designer community of 10,000 who make design tweaks as campaigns run their course.


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