action series.jpgWant to be a master in creating mobile friendly video ads? In this 2-part article, I will share some pointers for you to start on this journey. In this part, I will share with you:

  • basics concepts of design such as how to organize elements and use space; and

  • making effective color choices.


In Part 2/2, I take it to the next level and explore how to:

  • edit movement of video and graphic elements so that it looks incredible; and

  • get the best of sound and music.


Basics concept of video design

To be an effective designer and video editor, there are some basic concepts of design that every designer should remember. Let’s start with organizing elements to make the best use of the space.


2Dimension vs 3Dimension 

We can design objects in 2Dimension or 3Dimension.

  • 2Dimension is plain, freer with colors and object sizes as we don´t need to simulate real depth in the space we are working with.


  • 3D design where certain elements are positioned to make the work look balanced, organic, and realistic.


Depth Simulation

For the 3D example below, the depth simulation can be made in 2 ways:

  • Size: The biggest is the nearest element, like the red one in the bottom right corner compared to the green circles.

  • Color: The more opaque and darkest elements appear further and the brightest and more vivid color appear nearer.


Use of optical weight and focus

In the example above we see how to use optical weight and optical focus in relation to the space. Is very important both to be used in the designs because they allow to have a real, balanced and well done design in the space.

  • Optical Focus: Generally, the eye first focuses in any art, photo, or graphic is in the sixth frame (just the upper right frame divided in four, and from there the bottom left one that is the nearest to the center).

  • Optical Weight: The third frame that is at the bottom right is the most ideal place to put the nearer, bigger and heavier elements.


It is also important that the elements don´t collide because they can cause optical tension, unless they are in different depths. The elements have sufficient space between them. An example of this is below.


Choosing the most effective colors

Colors are very important to express and communicate the right message, that is the reason why every color must have a reason.



Choose the right color to convey the right emotions and thoughts

Red: Vibrance and is used for food, blood, violence, passion, love, impact.

Orange: Movement, dynamism, food, earth tones, happiness.

Yellow: Gold, child stuffs, playing, communicating, food, funny.

Green: Food, plants and ecologic messages, natural, money.

Blue: Cooperation, finances, responsibility, sea, tranquility, meditation, sky.

Purple: Church, Luxury, Mystery, rank, wine, sensuality.

Black: Mystery, night, luxury, dark, rock, good for transitions, intros and endings.

White: Light, Religion, purity, spirituality, clouds and sky, good for transitions, intros and outros.


Be mindful of the color combinations


With so many color choices, it is important to bear in mind the combination of colors.  Here is the chromatic circle that helps to make good color combinations for what you need.


Text should be readable when choosing color combinations

It is also important that the text has to be readable with the combination of colors. A dark background must have bright text, as well as a bright background must have a strong or dark color, or you can use strokes or shadows that could help.

  • Right way using different tones and colors, also strokes and shadows can make text more readable.


  •  Wrong way of using colors of the text as there is no contrast between color choices


I hope you found this useful so far. In Part 2, I explore how to:

  • edit movement of video and graphic elements so that it looks incredible; and

  • get the best of sound and music.

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