action series.jpgIn Part 1, I shared with you:

  • the basics concepts of design such as how to organize element and use space; and

  • making effective color choices.

In this part, we explore how to:

  • edit the movement of video and graphic elements so that it looks incredible; and

  • get the best of sound and music.


Animation and motion graphics

There are many ways to use video programs and plugins to create fantastic animation and visuals effects. However, with a few simple tricks you can created very good animation without too much effort.


Soft Acceleration / Deceleration movement

In real life, no movement is completely linear. To create more realistic movements, activate this option when you create movement using the position keyframes in the time line at the start or end of that movement.


Motion Blur

The faster an object moves, the blurrer it looks in front of the eye. Simulate this so that there is very limited time to see all the details and movements. Use this effect sparingly and and when necessary.



Masks make very good transitions between stages as you can change the backgrounds easily. You use rectangular ones or vectors. Depending on what you choose, the transitions can come across as hard or soft. 



Use scale as a good tool to display objects in the space.



The opacity of objects make soft and good appearance and disappearance.


Tone fill

This tool is useful to make transitions and to make objects appear and disappear. If you fill an object of one color completely rapidly, this can create a very good effect.



Sound and music syncronization

Music is a fundamental part of videos. The rhythm of transitions, object movement, and the final composition of the whole videos can change depending on the chosen music. So it is important to choose the right music and sound to support the idea of video.


I recommend that one of the first things you do is search for the proper music to use in the video. Start with the first layer so that you can start to place the stages, backgrounds and objects of the video before animating. Needless to say, the chosen music should convey the feel of story you are telling in the video.



Do play around with these basic concepts of video animation and design to create effective and mobile friendly video ads for your chosen briefs.


See Part 1


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