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Digital media has created a world in which we are exposed to hundreds of marketing messages, status updates, and stories every day. The consistent rise of images and video in social channels means attention spans are shorter than ever.

In order for your ads to stand out, a compelling story and visual strategy is needed to spark your audience’s curiosity and ignite the desired action.


Craft Compelling Stories

The story that your ads are trying to convey plays an integral role in determining the level of engagement your audiences give to your ads. In order to sell more products, your message has to be right for your brand and compelling to your target audience. So how do you get there?


Make it engaging 

Engaging content means different things to different people, so in order to create something that draws people in, you first need to understand your audience. What insights can you gather that will help you understand what makes them tick? What gets them excited? What will inspire them to pay attention and to learn more or make that purchase? Craft your ad message in a way that encourages active participation from the people you want to connect with.


Share your expertise

Every brand has in-house experts who can provide a point-of-view that can’t be found anywhere else. One key to creating a compelling message is taking advantage of your expertise. Recognize that you have an advantage over your competitors and use it to attract people to your content and ultimately your product or service. A confident, strong point-of-view on a subject matter that’s unique to your brand will go a long way in providing value to your audiences.


Make it actionable

A compelling message usually doesn’t end with a statement. It ends with a question, a call to action, or an invitation. You need people to do something after they’ve interacted with your ad – so be straightforward and invite them to do it! A clear call-to-action is one of the best ways to drive people to purchase or engage with your product or service after viewing your ad content.


Entice With Awesome Visuals

When you think about the history of humans, it’s clear that we were built for a visual world. We have a unique and innate ability to process visual information – more so than our ability to read and interpret text. Mother Nature provides a stunning visual backdrop for literally everything we do. Our eyes are some of the most complex organs in our bodies. And studies even show that online content with compelling images get 94% more views than those without – all but proving that we are drawn to visual stimuli above any other type of content. So how do you make sure your visuals are working hard for you?


Use the power of emotions

Advertising that’s emotional is advertising that’s effective. And visuals are a key part of how people emotionally react to your content. Whether it’s certain colors, lighting, icons or portraits, visuals have the ability to elicit memories and make us feel things that words simply cannot. Use this to your advantage and choose your images carefully so that they send the message and elicit the emotions that are right for your brand.


Show people something special

With so many pieces of content and family photos in our news feeds every day, it can be easy for visuals to get lost in the shuffle. Finding visuals that are truly unique to your brand, something you can own and take credit for in a way that no other brand can, will make your visual approach memorable. And when you have a set of unique, on-brand images, don’t be afraid to test them so you can learn which are leading to the outcomes you most want. 


Less is usually more

In a world driven by visual content, it’s tempting to try and cram everything you can into a visual for your ad. The truth is, a simpler approach can be an incredible breakthrough in such a crowded landscape. Play around with the scale of the elements in your visual, and take an extra look at where you can incorporate some visual space to give your audience room to breathe. You might find it’s just what they need to sit up and take notice.


Know your target audiences and ad platforms

As with your content, ad designs need to speak to the right audiences. Apart from keeping demographic insights in mind when producing creatives, it’s of utmost importance to also optimize them according to the platform that the ad will be shown in. Mobile-responsiveness has now become a given when it comes to designing everything from websites, to emails and online ads. All these contribute to a more personalized and enjoyable experience for your audiences which will result in higher engagement with your ad content.

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