Untitled-design-34-1.pngSAN FRANCISCO – 18 October 2016 Facebook today named ReFUEL4 Innovator of the Year 2016, at the Global Partner Summit. ReFUEL4, the world’s leading data-driven creative platform, was selected for solving the problem of ad fatigue, a problem plaguing the $190B digital media market.



“Ad fatigue creates waste, with campaign dollars going down the tube. Campaigns can quickly regain effectiveness, with prompt usage of new ad creatives,” said Kazuhiro Takiguchi, CEO of ReFUEL4. “The problem is caused by a massive disconnect between advertisers’ current needs and creative agencies.”



“Procurement and production processes in agencies are grossly inefficient - from the last century! ReFUEL4 bridges the gap. Advertisers are rightfully demanding improvement, and we are grateful to be recognised for driving this change,” Takiguchi added.



Ad fatigue is caused when a target audience of consumers is repeatedly shown the same ad. Audiences very quickly learn to ignore the ads, which wastes media budget. This is easily addressed by simply having more ad versions per campaign. Advertisers struggle to procure more versions due to legacy procurement and production processes in creative agencies.



ReFUEL4 combines human designers with machine learning. Its artificial intelligence engine analyses ad composition and maximizes its targeting and performance. Data is fed back to ReFUEL4’s designer community of 10,000 professionals who constantly refresh the ads, making design tweaks as campaigns run their course.



“We selected them as Innovator of the Year because they’ve solved the problem of ad fatigue. They do this by tailoring high quality content; quickly creating mobile first content; and delivering real business value to advertisers,” explained Yvette Lui, Director of Global Partnerships, Facebook.



Facebook’s annual Innovation Spotlight recognizes compelling game-changing innovations that address new challenges and opportunities as the advertising industry evolves.



For more information, visit  www.refuel4.com.



About ReFUEL4

ReFUEL4 is the world’s first ad development creative platform that uses a pay-for-performance model on which more than 10,000 designers worldwide have registered. Using compositional analytical tools, ReFUEL4 provides designers with real-time performance and targeting data, which then guides further design iterations, creating sustained performance enhancement.


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