videosoftware.pngFor video editing work, there is no all-in-one software program that suits all my needs. I use different softwares to achieve different tasks. There are different softwares for video conversion, master video editing, recoloring, etc, etc. Here is a quick round up of different video softwares that I use that you could consider when working on your next video project.


#1. Handbrake




Handbrake is a video converter that’s soooo awesome! I love using it because it is fast. It compresses videos into much smaller file sizes and best of all ... it’s FREE! You can convert your videos into MP4 and MKV from nearly any format!


#2. Sony Vegas Pro




 This is a superb user friendly video editing software with a very nice layout. It is a pretty solid software for your basic cut and trim video tasks. The application offers ready made presets for transitions and text effects which can come handy when you need to do quick and dirty video editing work. This is a PAID software and if you don’t want to fork out any money, you can start with Sony Vegas Movie Studio which is less expensive.



#3. Adobe After Effects




This is an awesome advanced software great for 2D and 3D effects including transitions. With this software, you can create almost anything from scratch to enhance your videos. For example, adding rain, shine, fog, etc, etc. This is available as a part of the Adobe Creative Suite and you can choose the monthly or yearly plan.


#4. Trapcode Suite




This is a set of plug-ins that is compatible with most leading video editing software. This facilitates advanced control over your effects and you can achieve some truly awesome effects. The Particular plug-in is one of the most powerful plugins the industry has. Particular, for instance, can create smoke, fireworks, waterfalls, jetstreams, almost anything you can think of. The sky is the limit!


#5. Mocha Pro


Although After Effects (AE) and other software have built-in tracking software, Mocha Pro stands out among the other tracking software that is available. Its easy-to-use interface and light resource usage is really amazing. Placing effects to be tracked in a moving object or camera in Mocha produces very natural results which most of the time is better than AE's default tracking system.


I hope this set of software help you when you work on your next video production. Happy editing!!!!




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