refuel-piktab.jpgWhen working on a brief or project, designers and video editors spend a great deal of time searching for images and graphics on various web pages. Sometimes, it seems like an endless search, especially when we want to get free resources which are of a high quality.


Freepik, a community of designers has noticed and launched a Chrome extension called Piktab. This is a search engine that brings together various libraries of free graphic resources like Pixabay, Freepik, Armaganvideos, Mockupworld and many more into ONE place.


The extension is very easy to use. Once installed you can view the browser by opening a new tab in your browser. You can also filter your searches with custom tags ranging from icons to tutorials.


As creatives, we are constantly looking for ideas that inspire us, be in for current or future projects. When the time comes we sometimes forget where we saw that perfect inspiration for the project at hand. With Piktab, you can save all your favorite resources by organizing them into folders. You can also share design inspirations in your social networks.


For me, Piktab has undoubtedly become one of the most useful Chrome extensions for graphic designers, video editors and creative people in general who are always looking for inspiration.



Tifanny Gonzales

Written by: Tifanny González







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