Brand1-1024x536.jpgWhen creating an ad, a designer must always try to push the boundaries and yet remain true to the brand, To do this, a designer must understanding the brand, how to project the brand, how the brand should make people feel and how this should translate into visual language. The good news is that most times, what you need to understand the brand, you can find it in the style guide or brand guidelines. It is therefore important to read the style guide or brand guidelines carefully. That is, at times, 99% of the work.


The following are some of the most important aspects of a brand you must always keep in mind.


#A. Brand colors and balance


Keep in mind how the brand uses and combines colors. These are usually specified in the guide and allows you to play with chromatic harmonies such as complementary colors. It is also important to understand how the weight of the colors should come across in your design. Depending on the brand, this could range from minimalists and simple approaches to more complex and elaborate styles.




Tip: A powerful on-line tool for the use and color combination is Adobe Kuler.


#B. Composition and Facebook rules


Use your elements as you wish, based on what the brand allows. Take advantage of the space of photos and backgrounds or create elements that support your design. This should always be in relation to and balance with the brand style. Remember to check your text proportions with the right tools.




Tip: Balance can be symmetrical or asymmetric. It is how you use the elements that will define your design.


#C. Typography and brand details


Always use the typography of the brand, observe its line spacing, play with its versions: bold, light, italic, black. Look out for already established elements like action buttons and logos.




Tip: If you do not know which font you should use but you have an image of it go to and load the image. The application will tell you what font it is.


 "Dig deep: The deeper you get, the more chances are that you will find something valuable." - Bruce Mau


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