"With ReFUEL4, we could test multiple creatives with multiple messages in one month. Meaning that we could get to the point where we're getting more users and more conversions quicker than ever before."

- Gregory Fortune, Co-Founder, EnjoyCompare


Launched in 2011 as a one-stop website for consumers to compare credit cards and personal loans, EnjoyCompare has steadily expanded its range of services over the years to now include flights and travel insurance.


Through Facebook advertising, EnjoyCompare wanted to drive traffic to its website, and get more consumers to start their comparison journey for better financial decisions.



 A lack of internal resources meant EnjoyCompare could only produce and test a limited number of creatives every month.  As a result, they was unable to optimize their ads for the best possible performance in terms of new users and conversions.




Scalable Creative Production

EnjoyCompare only had to submit one brief to reach out to ReFUEL4's network of 10,000 designers globally. Within a fast turnaround of 48 hours, they reaped the benefits of a major boost in production volume – over 60 new ad creatives!

Smart Creative Optimization based on Creative Optimal Rate (COR)

ReFUEL4's proprietary COR methodology is the world’s only online creative performance measurement and optimization tool. By monitoring the COR score on ReFUEL4's platform, EnjoyCompare was able to easily optimize their ads for better performance by making necessary adjustments to these 3 aspects of COR:

Creative Quality

ReFUEL4's AI assigns a score to each ad creative based on its predicted performance. Your level of creative quality indicates if you need to replace your current creatives with new ones with higher AI scores.

Creative Quantity

This tells you the optimal number of creatives you should have in your ad set to get better performances in the auction.

Creative Refresh

Even the highest scoring creatives suffer from ad fatigue eventually. The creative refresh rate is a good gauge of when you should swap out underperforming creatives for new ones to maintain optimal campaign performance.



– Over 60 ads produced within 48 hours

– 62% reduction in CPA

– 2X increase in number of visits to website


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