Vivint Smart Home"Creative volume and speed are crucial for a successful digital display campaign. ReFUEL4 is a great solution for any company looking to optimize their creative strategy test on a frequent cadence."

- Jacqueline Kohler, Digital Marketing Analyst, Vivint Smart Home



Vivint Smart Home is one of the world's biggest and most successful smart home businesses, with more than one million customers throughout the United States and Canada. Offering a wide range of products and services including home security, energy management, home automation, local cloud storage, and high-speed Internet solutions, Vivint wants to redefine the home experience and simplify life for its customers.



To reduce cost per acquisition, as well as improve the speed and efficiency of ad creation and testing.



As a growing company, Vivint Smart Home decided to embark on a Facebook display advertising campaign to expand their reach to more potential customers. Cost per acquisition had began to rise over time, but it was difficult for Vivint to optimize for better performance given the limited resources they had to produce and test ad creatives.




Scalable Creative Production

Vivint Smart Home could tap upon the talents of over 10,000 designers in ReFUEL4's global network to provide them with a high volume of quality creatives. Having an increased supply of creatives enabled Vivint to conduct more vigorous testing and optimize their ads for the best possible performance more efficiently.


Fast Creative Turnaround

In just 72 hours from the submission of a brief, Vivint started to receive a stream of new creatives from ReFUEL4's designers. This quick turnaround meant that less time was wasted between each round of testing, and Vivint could increase the frequency of their tests to identify effective ads faster than before.


Predicted Creative Performance based on AI

All new creatives were analyzed by ReFUEL4's AI-powered SHAKA engine and assigned a score based on predicted ad performance, taking into account Vivint's unique campaign objectives and target audience.

Vivint AI Score

These AI scores served to inform Vivint's selection of creatives for testing, and made it possible for them to identify high performing ad variations with greater precision and in less time.

COR ChartsVivint continued to keep an eye on the quality of creatives throughout the duration of their campaign by referring to the COR Chart on ReFUEL4's platform. COR, or Creative Optimal Rate, is ReFUEL4's proprietory methodology for measuring creative performance based on quality, quantity and refresh rate.

As indicated by the blue dotted line in the above chart, creative quality was low at around 50% between 14 and 26 July. Upon realizing this, Vivint swapped out underperforming creatives for new ones with higher AI scores.

With further adjustments in the number of creatives in each ad set and how often they are replaced, Vivint managed to raise their COR to 100% in August and ensure optimal campaign performance.



• 33% reduction in time between rounds of creative testing
• 75% increase in creative volume per round of testing


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