Following ReFUEL4's integration with Google Adwords as a Premier Partner, we spoke to Matthew Heller,  head of Google's channel sales for SE Asia, India and Emerging Asia, to get his views on developments in advertising.

Based on your experience with advertisers on the Google Display Network, what is the biggest challenge they have been facing?

It's pretty simple actually. Great creatives produce great results. The challenge is keeping creatives fresh requires time and money. And businesses of all sizes, but particularly small and medium businesses struggle. ReFUEL4 has a very timely solution that automates the production of creatives. I'm really excited to welcome them on board our Google Partner program to help advertisers get even better results from GDN and YouTube.

How do you think technology developments will affect advertising today and in the near future?

Technology has been game changing for advertisers. If you look around, people don't go online anymore – they live online. And every day it gets easier and more cost effective to reach the right customers at the right moment. ReFUEL4 is on the forefront of thinking about how advertisers, and particularly small and medium businesses, can leverage technology to get even better results from GDN and YouTube. It's great to have them in the Google Partner program.

How can advertisers benefit from ReFUEL4's products and services?

ReFUEL4 makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to connect with Google advertising solutions. Fresh, effective creatives in the right ad format help advertisers get the most out of GDN and YouTube. We're proud to welcome ReFUEL4 to the Google Partner program.

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