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Piktab - the Chrome Extension All Creatives Should Have

When working on a brief or project, designers and video editors spend a great deal of time searching for images and graphics...

Inspirational Sites Every Video Editor Should Bookmark


Videos are available and viewable anywhere now, you can watch it online via your desktop, laptops, tablets, and even on...

Inspirational Sites Every Static Designer Should Bookmark

You can find design inspiration everywhere. However, knowing how to translate that into your design work can, often times,...

Quick Tips on How to Make That Copy Stand Out

The copy within an ad is generally meant to deliver the key message of the advertisement. Therefore, one of the design...

Top 10 Fonts for Graphic Designers

Search "the importance of font in graphic design" and you will get a long list of articles each explaining this. To help you...

What to do with that call-to-action button!

A major part of any online ad is the CTA ("Call-to-Action") button. This is the virtual button that is meant to prompt a...

Essential Ways Technology Is Shaping the Future of Learning

There's no doubt about it: Technology is revolutionizing nearly every part of our lives. From smart appliances that turn...

The Art of Making That Stock Image Look Real!

The choice of images has long been an important ingredient of creating a successful ad. Over the years, consumers have...

Getting the Most out of ReFUEL4 as a Designer

Designers need to recognise that the future of education lies online. According to Rafael Reif, president of MIT, justifying...

The Psychology of Color in Graphic Design

The theme of how colors affect our emotions and the way we feel has always interested me. Depending on our cultural...

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2017: The Age of AI in Advertising

This year, Artificial Intelligence technology is poised to take on the ad world in ways that are more pervasive and sophisticated than ever before.

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