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Political Campaigning in the Digital Age

The 2016 US presidential election season was one that saw social media as a marketing tool often questioned by citizens. The...

How to Use Emotions to Drive Ad Campaign Success

It is no secret that emotions play an important role in ad campaign success. Effective ads should trigger a desired...

How to Win the Facebook Mobile Ad War

Mobile ad spending is expected to be approximately 72% of total digital ad spend by 2019. This prediction isn't surprising,...

Less Is More: The Minimalist Approach to Ad Design

Looking to make a big marketing impact in an overpopulated space? One of the most effective marketing design trends is the...

How Data Driven Creativity Is Changing Advertising

Creativity used to be a nebulous concept. Traditionally, creative departments spend weeks, sometimes even months, coming up...

How Geometric Patterns Are Shaping Design Trends

Incorporating geometric patterns is one of the major design trends in 2016. They are commonly used in all sorts of ways...

Marketing Lures Inspired by Pokémon Go

If you haven't heard of Pokémon Go, it's time to crawl out of that cave. If you live in a major city, you would have seen...

Ad Fatigue Kills Your Campaigns. We've Found the Solution.

For digital advertisers with big ambitions, marketing campaigns are often about a big idea. Unfortunately, without...

Part 2/2: Are Human Designers Necessary Anymore?

In Part 1, I looked at the relationship between people, technology and design and how it is impacting you as a designer? Here,...

How to Maximise Your Facebook Ad Spend

Every advertising channel has its benefits and drawbacks, and in the industry’s history, it’s always been difficult to...

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2017: The Age of AI in Advertising

This year, Artificial Intelligence technology is poised to take on the ad world in ways that are more pervasive and sophisticated than ever before.

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