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Building a Unicorn Requires Another Unicorn

Reading all the news about Brexit, I started to revisit the strategic decisions we made when establishing ReFUEL4, a...

The Calm Before the (Digital) Storm

The sea both frightens me and lures me in. I enjoy surfing, hanging out on the beach with my family. But when I am out there...

Death by a Thousand Cuts

I have always wanted to use the term ‘disintermediated’ in an article. Seems more scholarly than ‘cutting out the middle...

The Future of Creativity Is Math

BBH founder Sir John Hegarty has often spoken (semi-controversially) against a data-driven approach to advertising, arguing...

Creativity Under Water - Surviving The Digital Tsunami

We all look forward to the Cannes Lions, a week on the French Riviera where the smartest advertising minds gather to pass...

The TVC Has Ceased to Be. It Is No More. Bereft of Life. Kicked the Bucket.

Or rather, has the traditional model for creative development bit the dust instead?


The sublime Dead Parrot scene from...

Video: Designing Ads That Work For mCommerce

Consumers can always buy another time and elsewhere, make them feel they have to purchase now. Highlight time-saving...

Video: Designing Ads That Work For eCommerce

Online users have short attention spans, ads need to be clear in objective and message. Show product choices clearly....

Video: Designing Ads That Work For Online Games

Extend reality to the virtual experience by tapping on real life scenarios and adding real life elements to game...

The Good, the Same and the Ugly - Creative Lessons From the News Feed

Facebook’s newsfeed is the crucible within which great performing ads shine through, after the dross has been melted away....

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2017: The Age of AI in Advertising

This year, Artificial Intelligence technology is poised to take on the ad world in ways that are more pervasive and sophisticated than ever before.

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