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Getting Started Series - Creating Double Exposure Cinemagraphs

Tutorial to show you how to create a double exposure cinemagraph.


Getting Started Series - Animating Static Elements on Static (Cinemagraphs)

Tutorial to show you how to create a cinemagraph by animating static elements on static images.



Getting Started Series - Convert .gifs to Video (MP4)

Tutorial on how to convert your .gifs to videos format.


Video: Tigerair's Success Story

Tigerair achieved phenomenal results with a 8725% Return On Ad Spend, reducing Cost Per Acquisition by 87% and Cost Per...

Video: Designing Ads That Work For mCommerce

Consumers can always buy another time and elsewhere, make them feel they have to purchase now. Highlight time-saving...

Video: Designing Ads That Work For eCommerce

Online users have short attention spans, ads need to be clear in objective and message. Show product choices clearly....

Video: Designing Ads That Work For Online Games

Extend reality to the virtual experience by tapping on real life scenarios and adding real life elements to game...

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2017: The Age of AI in Advertising

This year, Artificial Intelligence technology is poised to take on the ad world in ways that are more pervasive and sophisticated than ever before.

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