designing effective ads.jpgDid you react to the article's leaderboard? Well ... now that I got your attention.


We see many things as we go through our daily lives. As such, we filter what we see and tend to ignore things that look dull and uninteresting. Conversely, things that convey emotions that we relate to make us stop for a bit to observe it.

When creating an ad, this is a simple guideline to remember Emotions converts into Clicks”


Emotions are a reflection of someone’s feelings. When we look at living things, we are somehow able to determine the emotions that is intended to be conveyed. Banner ads are creative pieces of work that should connect with its audience on several levels, one of them is at an emotional level. As an audience, it is the visual that usually attracts our attention before we actually read it.

So remember, the first and the hardest goal of every banner ad is to get its audience’ attention. Banner ads are mainstream and we are exposed to many ads. This means the possibility of an ad being passed over or neglected is very high.


Strong emotion will surely help making the ad stand out and be more visible. Displaying strong emotions in the ad draws the eyes to look at it. Once the ad gets audience’s attention, the messaging in the ad kicks in.


The audience you are creating for are human beings. We are naturally attracted to strong emotions. Think about the last image that caught your eye! Faces, cute babies, animals or even cartoons displaying different emotions tend to catch your eye and that increases the possibility of someone interacting with that image.


So with that I leave you here with some images I like from Shutterstock. Happy designing effective ads!

Emotions1 Emotions2 Emotions3 Emotions4 Emotions5


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