Ever-1.png“The ReFUEL4 partnership has allowed us to test creatives at scale. With the tremendous help of their customer success team, we're now producing 50 to 100 new creatives per week.”


– Johnny Chen, Director of User Acquisition, Ever.




Ever is one of the fastest growing photo apps in the world. Founded in 2013 with the mission of helping users capture and rediscover their life's memories, it helps users backup, organize and rediscover their photos across every major photo source.


Over the last three years, Ever has reached 10 million users with over 10 billion photos backed up and achieved the ranking of number 1 grossing productivity app in over 90 countries.



Being a small startup Ever was lacking the dedicated creative resources needed to generate high volumes of ad creatives. This resulted in higher CPMs as their ads reached fewer people due to ad fatigue.



Ever wanted to expand their ad reach on Facebook and Instagram while still hitting their Cost Per Install and Cost Per Subscriber goals.



Ever's process was streamlined to optimize for the production of a high volume of quality relevant ad creatives.


They worked closely with the ReFUEL4 team to develop new creative briefs every week, oriented around promoting both existing and new features. ReFUEL4's global network of freelance designers received the briefs and submitted their creatives within 48 hours.


Ever then selected creatives for automatic deployment in their Facebook ad account. They were able to measure creative performance metrics within the ReFUEL4 dashboard easily.



– 60% increase in premium subscriber rate for Instagram users

– Doubled the number of monthly installs acquired from Instagram

– Maintained install volume and user quality from Facebook campaigns


Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.


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