do donts.jpg10 Do's of ReFUEL4

  1. Be sure to register for the US$50 Get Started Program.
  2. Make sure you read the Dashboard User Guide and review the For Designers section in our page.
  3. Check the briefs section periodically.
  4. Read the brief well. Pay attention to the brand manual, dimensions, deadlines, the inspiration board as these are some of the most important features. Be creative and sensitive to the brand.
  5. Organize and evaluate the brief's resources and assets.
  6. Review and learn from selected as well as rejected creatives. Compare these with the client guidelines and learn what aspects of the brief you submission met or missed the mark.
  7. Submit only your best work(s). 
  8. Participate in all the briefs you can as long as you comply with all of the above.
  9. Contact support if you have questions.
  10. Remember to meet the program requirements with regard to participation and selection rates. 

10 Dont´s of ReFUEL4

  1. Do not start working if you do not have a clear idea of what to do.
  2. Do not work with third party stock images and videos if the brief does not allow it. Always check the assets links.
  3. Do not upload more than three creatives per brief.
  4. Do not copy the ideas of the inspirational board or other designers, create your own solutions to the brief or improve upon what you see.
  5. Do not participate if the brief is full.
  6. Do not publish watermarked resources.
  7. Do not post revisions as new creatives.
  8. Do not publish creatives with dimensions different from those requested.
  9. Do not post if you do not comply with the 20% facebook text rule.
  10. Do not lose the rhythm, there are always new briefs so continue to participate.


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